The main reason for stretch marks are due to the stretching of the skin to its limit. Common causes for stretch marks are pregnancy, rapid weight gain, or weightlifting. It doesn’t matter what gender the person is, both men and women are susceptible to get them. However, women have been noted to be more inclined to get them. Other times a person can get stretch marks are from growth spurts during puberty. The most common sites for these scars are the arms, legs, buttocks, stomach, or breasts. There are supplements which you can take to help the healing process of these scars, but be warned, stretch marks cannot truly fade or be erased.

  • What Supplements Should You Take For Stretch Marks?Take a vitamin A supplement. This vitamin is stated to promote the growth of your skin and also helps to repair it as well. Another benefit to Vitamin A is the fact it can aid to increase and also improve the content of collagen in the skin. Collagen is needed to keep the skin looking soft and youthful. It also is what helps the skin stay moisturized. You can choose to take a vitamin A supplement or you can apply a vitamin A topical cream to the areas you have stretch marks.
  • Get your daily dose of vitamin C! Besides boosting your immune system, this supplement when taken on a daily basis can also help to help your skin, especially the areas with wounds or scarring. This is another supplement where you can take it in a pill form or apply it as a cream.

You can also of course get your daily dose of vitamin C from fruits and vegetables. By getting your vitamin C from food you will also other essential nutrients as well. You also should not worry about getting too much vitamin C, anything the body doesn’t need will be flushed out.

  • What Supplements Should You Take For Stretch Marks?Maintain the health of skin with vitamin E. According to some research, it has been noted that vitamin E can help to prevent the forming of stretch marks. Known as an antioxidant, vitamin E can help to maintain your skin’s health. You can take vitamin E in a pill form but it has been noted the best results with preventing stretch marks are with a topical cream or lotion. If you are currently out of vitamin E cream, you can also pierce the soft gel version of your vitamin E supplement and apply its contents on your stretch marks. Any excess product leftover can be used on your cuticles to keep them nice and moisturized.
  • Generate collagen with zinc. Collagen is not found in food so it’s important to take a supplement that has it. This is where the zinc supplement comes into play.

Take the recommended amount daily and you will promote the regeneration of collagen in your body which will help to fade and also prevent stretch marks. As we age, our collagen production decreases which is why wrinkles begin to form. So make sure to take a zinc supplement daily to continuously promote and generate collagen.

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