Hundreds of creams claim to prevent the development of stretch marks. However, it is difficult to ascertain whether these creams are effective because of the differing opinions evident in the available reviews. In this article, we will take a backward step to understand the underlying science in order to know what happens when you use prevention creams.

The Structure of Your Skin

Do Creams Help in Stretch Mark Prevention?The dermis and the epidermis are the most important layers in understanding what happens when prevention creams are applied on the skin. The dermis is responsible for the scars that occur on the skin. Several factors cause the skin to stretch. The common causes include weight gain, pregnancy, bodybuilding, and weight loss among other factors. In this case the skin is stretched, and the dermis is ripped. This results to the thinning of the upper layer (epidermal layer) because it no longer has the required support from the lower layer (dermis layer). During this process, nothing important is damaged because the skin retains its ability to heal over time. Both layers heal, but they do not take their initial shape. Elastin and collagen, or the absence of both proteins during the stretching period contributes to the development of scars. Creams that claim to protect the skin from damage have ingredients that stimulate elastin and collagen production because the skin needs both proteins. Consequently, the healing period decreases causing new bonds to be stronger. As a result, it is not easy for these bonds to rip.

How Creams Come into the Picture

So far, you are aware of what happens whether creams are or are not in your thoughts. However, when creams come into the picture, is there evidence that they have worked on real users?  The answer to this question is yes because many people who have used creams and other solutions have reported positive results. There are numerous extensively reviewed creams in the community for stretch mark prevention. Therefore, choosing an effective cream is an easy task because everyone has been there, without having any direction, with feeling of getting lost, and having the fear of taking the wrong action. All you have to do is to look for highly rated creams.

Stretch Mark Creams

Do Creams Help in Stretch Mark Prevention?Creams work well for pregnant women and for those looking for an effective method of stretch mark prevention. There is a likelihood of feeling uneasy because you have one chance to act. However, there is no need to worry because over 60 percent of creams have been specifically made for women. Creams also have numerous and great reviews. Given that most women tend to have babies at almost the same time in terms of age, the condition of their skin is almost similar. A cream that has satisfied the needs of several pregnant women is likely to work for other women as well. Therefore, avoid unnecessary worries and find a nice cream whenever you can because about 90 percent of women develop stretch marks during pregnancy if no action is taken. In any case, preventing stretches is better than curing them.

The possibility of curing them is very low because they do not disappear easily once they appear. Take the appropriate prevention measures and you will be proud of your smooth skin in the future.

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