It doesn’t matter what size or gender you are, it is highly likely there are stretch marks your body. Some of the general places you can get stretch marks or striae, are usually the stomach, arms, legs, and also the buttocks. Depending on your skin type, these little lines are something we don’t want our attention drawn to. Sadly, while you can prevent getting stretch marks, you cannot completely eliminate or remove them when you get them. If you want to prevent future stretch marks, you should know what the general causes are.

  • The 6 Most Common Reasons You Get Stretch MarksYou’re pregnant. This is probably one of the main reasons and causes for stretch marks. The stomach skin stretches as the baby grows which can often cause the skin to stretch uncomfortably and create stretch marks. You are more prone to getting stretch marks if you do not properly lotion or moisturize your tummy during pregnancy. It is recommended that women begin to apply a cream or lotion even if they are only a couple of months into the pregnancy.
  • You’ve gained a lot of weight very quickly. For some people, they may want to gain size and mass in a quick time period. Since it’s not a gradual change, you can and will get stretch marks.

Since the body does not have time to adapt to the sudden weight gain, it will produce more cortisol, which leads to stretch marks. Slow bulking or weight gain is your best bet to avoid increased chances of stretch marks.

  • You’ve lost weight too quickly. The same goes for losing weight too fast. Your body may go into shock and cause the skin to form the unwanted lines of stretch marks. As with weight gain, you will want to slowly and moderately lose weight. This will allow your skin to tighten and firm up without you having to worry about stretch marks and excess skin.
  • The 6 Most Common Reasons You Get Stretch MarksToo much use of steroidal topical creams. Unless it it necessary, you should limit your use of steroid cream. Instead you should replace these creams with beneficial lotions that will nourish and hydrate the skin.
  • You have a hormone imbalance. Sometimes stretch marks can occur when people have a hormonal imbalance. The marks occur if the imbalance strikes the body quickly. The most common hormonal imbalance that causes stretch marks is a condition known as Cushing’s syndrome.
  • You are genetically inclined to stretch marks. Some people, despite what they do, are genetically inclined to getting stretch marks. Certain syndromes such as Ehler-Danlos or Marfan cause and result in certain genetic ailment of the tissue.

Despite whatever the reason is for your stretch marks, just know that once you get them, you can’t completely get rid or erase them.

However, you can treat and lighten the marks with certain medical treatments or remedies. Often times when stretch marks look like little white or silver lines, they are generally harder to treat and fade. If your stretch marks are pink or red, you have a better chance at improving the texture and also the appearance.

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