Keeping fit through physical activity has a number of positive effects on the health of your skin. Unfortunately, physical activity does not help in stretch mark elimination. Stretch marks characteristically consist of scar tissues, which can occupy a large area of your skin. Most people have stretch marks in parts of the body where there are high chances of gaining weight. The most affected parts include the hips, buttocks, thighs, arms, and stomach. It is possible to treat and reduce stretch marks. It is also possible to eliminate stretch mark appearance. However, physical activity does not have any positive effects on stretch marks.

What are the Causes of Stretch Marks?

What Effect Does Exercise Have on Stretch Marks?2Stretch marks normally appear because of the rapid expansion or shrinking of the body mass beneath the skin. Your skin is an elastic part of the human body. This characteristic enables the skin to stretch or contract depending on your body needs. In some cases, the body experiences rapid mass changes making it difficult for the skin to respond appropriately. Consequently, the skin starts to stretch causing damages. In addition, stretching causes scar tissues to grow when your body mass expands. Scar tissues also grow when the skin becomes loose and when muscles and fats in the body decrease rapidly. Several factors play a part in the development of stretch marks. Some of the common causes include extreme dieting, surgeries, and extreme weight gain.

Exercise for Stretch Mark Treatment

It is unfortunate that medical professionals do not acknowledge exercise as an appropriate method for treating stretch marks. However, it is known that exercise can aid in making significant changes to your body mass. These changes involve increasing muscle masses to straighten the loose skin. They also involve burning fat for the purposes of curbing the stretching caused by a body mass increase. From this perspective, physical activity may help in reducing the effects associated with stretch marks. Unfortunately, this strategy will have no impact on already existing stretch marks.

Methods of Preventing Stretch Marks

What Effect Does Exercise Have on Stretch Marks?Stretch marks can be prevented through a number of methods. One of the helpful methods involves drinking water on a regular basis. The role of water is to provide minerals and vitamins that help to keep your skin flexible and elastic. In case the risk of having stretch marks is high, consider moisturizing your skin on a daily basis. It is also advisable to engage in physical activity to help your body regulate weight and thwart excessive body mass loss or gain. This strategy can reduce the possibility of having stretch marks.

Important Considerations

Although exercise is not an effective method for treating stretch marks, it may lead to stretch mark development in the case of rapid body mass loss. In general, exercise plays a part in stretch mark development, especially when you are under crash dieting. Taking diets at unhealthy rates combined with thorough exercising can cause stretch marks. Apart from easing dietary restrictions, it is important to lessen or even stop regular exercises to minimize stretch mark development on your body.

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