If you are wanting to get rid of stretch marks, you’ve probably have tried over the counter lotions, ointments, and creams from in your local drugstore. You may also noticed these products have little to no results. The reason? Well many of the claims these products state have not been tested for evidence and results. The lack of results in fading stretch mark scars have led people to look more at natural or home treatments to address their issues. Not only are home remedies safer for you, they are also budget friendly, and can provide results along with additional health benefits. Here are some simple remedies and treatments you should look into to prevent and treat already existing stretch marks.

  • Home Treatments and Remedies to Prevent and Diminish Stretch MarksMake sure to stay hydrated. Many people do not drink as much water as they should. By staying hydrated, your skin will retain its elasticity and also remain supple and soft. So be sure to get in at least eight glasses of water each day. If you find yourself not really into just drinking water, try making your own fruit infused water. This will give extra nutrients and also give your water a little bit of flair.
  • Prevent stretch marks with your diet. Any little bit helps, so make sure to watch what you eat. Getting certain nutrients such as vitamin E, vitamin C, zinc, and vitamin A are crucial to keep your body feeling and looking healthy. Make sure to get in your daily recommendation of vegetables, fruits, healthy fats, and also lean protein. You may notice some drastic changes in the feel and texture of your skin if you alter a diet that is lacking in nutrients.
  • Stretch and stretch! Stretching is a great way to limbs limber but it is also another way to keep your skin’s elasticity. This is especially useful if you are weightlifting. When a person tightens and increases their muscle mass, the skin around the muscle can get tight and stretch to its limit. By stretching constantly, you will be able to make sure the skin stays flexible and will continue to stay smooth and also decrease your chances of tears and stretch marks.
  • Home Treatments and Remedies to Prevent and Diminish Stretch MarksExfoliate your skin. Exfoliation is something that people should do regularly. Not only does it get rid of dead skin cells, it helps to increase the blow flow to target areas of the body which promotes healing of scars like stretch marks. You can simple use a body loofah or glove to renew your skin or you can exfoliate with your favorite moisturizing scrub at least twice a week in the shower.
  • Create your own tailored oil or scrub. Sometimes products from the store aren’t effective for you because they are customized for you.

Try to mix some essential oils along with a moisturizing base such as cocoa butter and apply it to your stretch marks on a daily basis. Continue to tweak the recipe until you find one that  works best for you. Remember that you wait a few weeks to see any changes or differences in your stretch marks.

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