When it comes to scars, you can get them from many things. Some scars may have come from cuts or burns while others may have resulted from acne. Now think about stretch marks. These are also considered scars. These can come from things such as pregnancy, rapid weight gain or loss, or even a teen’s time in puberty. While any scar is very hard to eliminate or erase completely, there are still some things you can do or use to help reduce the scar tissue and also fade it as well. A popular remedy is the use of certain herbal oils to heal stretch marks. Keep reading to find out popular oils to help fade those stretch mark scars.

  • What Oils Can Help Heal Stretch Marks?Oil from neroli trees. Not only is it beneficial and moisturizing for your stretch marks, this oil has a very pleasant scent. Neroli oil, when used properly can help to stimulate promote the regeneration of skin cells. Another reason why this oil is very popular is due to its ability to be gentle even on the most sensitive skin. Some oils can be too harsh and irritate the area or even cause a reaction. If this is the case for you, then try neroli oil first.
  • Mandarin or tangerine oil. If you find an oil under either of these names, they are the same. Used in aromatherapy, this is a great oil for women who are pregnant. The mandarin oil will help to moisturize the skin without any adverse reactions. Unlike other citrus type oils, mandarin or tangerine oil will not make your skin susceptible to sun burns when it is applied to the skin.
  • What Oils Can Help Heal Stretch Marks?Lavender oil.  This is a very versatile oil that can be used for many purposes. It can soothe and relax a person but it can also be used to apply onto stretch marks. Like the neroli oil, using lavender oil can help to promote the regeneration and growth of skin cells, which is very effective in helping to fade scars. Plus the scent will be great after a long day at work. Apply this daily to the areas you have stretch marks or if you are pregnant, to your stomach. This can also help to soothe the itchiness as well.
  • Creating your own oil blend. You can use the oils listed above separately, but when combined together the treatment can be even more effective. If you cannot find these oils premixed, you can always purchase them separately and do it yourself. This allows you to be creative in finding out which works best for you. Some people even add other oils such as almond or wheatgerm.

As with all remedies, you should consult with your doctor, especially if you have sensitive skin. Always do research on the potential oils you are thinking of using to make sure they are properly suited for you. Remember that stretch marks are scars and that they cannot be fully erased. The best thing you can do is to take care of your skin and prevent future ones from forming.

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