Striae or more commonly known as stretch marks, are small stripes that can be found on different parts of your body. When you initially get stretch marks, they may look inflamed, red or even a dark brown depending on your skin tone. As they heal, their coloring changes and they will often settle into small white or every silver-like stripes. Many times stretch marks are the result of a growth spurt, drastic weight changes, pregnancy, or even hormonal conditions. There is no guaranteed way to prevent stretch marks or cure them. However you can help your body to heal and also improve the appearance of the current stretch marks you have through different exfoliating methods. Here are some popular ways to exfoliate the skin. Be warned to not over do it or to do all these at once as it can irritate and make your stretch marks more noticeable.

  • Ways to Exfoliate Your Stretch MarksDry brushing is a simple technique you can do every day. This helps to promote circulation and blood flow which results in the improvement of the texture of the skin. Take a soft bristled brush and brush your body starting from your feet. Work upward with your brush. Go over each area about three or more times. Be firm but not too hard that it hurts. You will notice the difference in texture in your skin and also the improvement of the appearance of your stretch marks.
  • Use your favorite exfoliating scrub while you shower. Make sure to find a scrub that does not have harmful ingredients and is also nourishing to the skin.

You want to slough away the dry or dead skin without over drying your body. Use your scrub at least three times a week or as per what the directions of the product states. You don’t want to overdo it and irritate your skin.

  • Use an exfoliating sponge like a loofah. This is a gently way to exfoliate your skin on a daily basis. Just pour your favorite shower gel onto the loofah, work it into a lather and you will be gently removing any dead skin. Make sure to moisturize your skin after to help it retain its moisture and keep the texture smooth and soft.
  • Ways to Exfoliate Your Stretch MarksYou can also use a cream to help “exfoliate” your skin. Those than contain Retin-A will aid in the turnover speed of your skin. Applying a cream that has Retin-A in it will also allow and promote the growth of collagen which is needed to keep skin soft and supple. This is another product you need to use as the directions state. Too much Retin-A can cause unsightly peeling, inflammation, and also very dry skin. If you find this happening, do not use the cream on a daily basis, instead use it every other day.
  • Speak with your dermatologist about a microdermabrasion treatment. Under the careful supervision of medical staff, this exfoliation process will slough away the top most layer of your skin to reveal, younger, more rejuvenated skin. This can possibly cause your stretch marks to look smaller and less noticeable.

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