You may think you know all there is to stretch marks. But you may be surprised after reading this article at how much you didn’t know. Medically known as striae, people get stretch marks when there are small tears in the skin due to changes in the body. Factors such as pregnancy, hormones, dramatic weight loss or gains are all ways people can get stretch marks. For many people, stretch marks are unsightly and they will spend money on useless treatments to eliminate them. Stretch marks are very common among people but there are still plenty of misconceptions and myths floating around. Here are some of the most common myths when it comes to stretch marks and also the truth about them as well.

  • -full_Man, Woman, ChildCommon Myth: Women only get stretch marks.
    The Truth: Stretch marks are not gender specific. Women, men, and children can get them. However, people tend to hear about stretch marks more on women due to weight fluctuations and also pregnancy. For men, especially those in their teen years, stretch marks can happen from spurts of growth or from weight fluctuations as well.
  • Common Myth: Stretch marks are only found in the stomach area.
    The Truth: Stretch marks can occur anywhere the skin can stretch. This can include areas such as the legs, arms, buttocks, back, and other places as well. People often get alarmed when they see stretch mark in non-typical areas, but there is nothing to fear.
  • Common Myth: Skinny or thin people do not get striae.
    The Truth: It doesn’t matter whether you are heavy or thin. Stretch marks are dependent on genetics and also the balance of your hormones. So if you notice your mom or dad has stretch marks, it is highly likely you are also going to get them as well, despite your body type.
  • Common Myth: You cannot prevent the occurrence of stretch marks.
    The Truth: The more moisturized your skin, the more elastic it is, which improves and prevents the tearing of the skin. Moisturizing is great for your body to begin with; however, if you find yourself with very dry skin, you should be extra diligent in making sure to apply lotion or cream on a daily basis.

The Common Myths of Stretch MarksIt is recommended that if do want to prevent stretch marks, you should look for products that have certain ingredients such as shea, vitamin E, or cocoa butter. You can also prevent the occurrence of striae by making sure to avoid extreme weight changes. You should also work to maintain a healthy diet to give your body all the necessary nutrients it needs.

  • Common Myth: Once you have stretch marks, they are not treatable.
    The Truth: While you cannot fully eliminate stretch marks, you can diminish their appearance and treat them. If you want to get your stretch marks treated, you should go to a dermatologist who can look at your marks and recommend topical creams that contain retinoid and alpha-hydroxy acids. These will minimize the look of your scars and also help to make your skin look smoother.

Other treatments can also include microdermabrasion, where an exfoliant is used to get rid of dead or damaged skin. Another treatment that has become increasingly popular as of late is laser treatment. This can alter the texture of your stretch marks and smooth the scars, making them less noticeable.

Don’t be ashamed of your stretch marks! However, if they do happen to bother you, try one of these treatments to minimize or prevent future ones.

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