Having stretch marks removed by a doctor sounds easy and enticing. Unfortunately, it is difficult to find an easy solution for them. Medical professionals are yet to agree on what works or what does not work. Some doctors embrace laser therapy while others are cynical about this treatment method. Nevertheless, different laser procedures can reduce the look of stretches on the skin.

Stretch marks affect the middle layer, which is also known as the dermis of your skin. The dermis is between the subcutaneous layer (the layer below) and the epidermis (the surface of the skin). Lotions and ointments may not penetrate the skin past the epidermis. The skin is always under pressure to grow quickly to accommodate the body changes that stretch it such as pregnancy and muscle development. These changes cause whitish lines on the skin, which are commonly known as stretch marks. They occur when the collagen and elastin in your dermis fail to stretch at the required rate to match the body’s growth rate. Visualize a piece of rubber stretched beyond the elastic limit and you will understand the concept behind stretch mark development.

Pulsed Dye

Stretch Mark Treatment with LaserThis type of laser stimulates elastin and collagen development, causing deepened stretches on your skin to patch up. Stretch marks that are in their initial stages of development are usually red. They are likely to respond to laser stimulation better than old stretch marks, which are usually white. Multiple therapies conducted for up to two-month intervals may be necessary in order to achieve the best outcomes. The procedure might cause some stinging on the skin, but most parts remain unaffected because the laser focuses on the dermis. The procedure might cause bleeding and bruising, but everything will be well after 14 or 21 days.

Exciser Laser

This laser works by increasing melanin production, which causes stretch marks to resemble the surrounding skin in color. You may require up to 10 treatments (one per 2 weeks) for best results. Continuous treatment is required to retain the new skin color. The recommended plan is one session per two or three months. Remember that your skin’s texture will not chance because the laser focuses on color. No damage is caused on the skin, but you will see some redness.

The Cost of Laser Treatments

Stretch Mark Treatment with LaserThe cost of laser treatment was $350 in 2014. This treatment method is expensive because you have to undergo the procedure repeatedly. You will need at least ten sessions to achieve pleasing results. Medical cover is unlikely to help in this situation given that this is a cosmetic procedure, which is medically unnecessary. You will spend thousands of dollars on procedures that some medical professionals do not support.

Tummy Tuck Procedures

Based on the cost of laser treatments, it is better to choose tummy tuck procedures. This surgery is proven for removing stretch marks. It helps in getting rid of the extra skin women have after giving birth. Stretch marks usually develop on this skin after women give birth. The surgery also aids in tightening the muscles beneath the skin causing a taut and smooth appearance. Therefore, laser procedures are effective if you wish to alter how stretch marks appear. Go for tummy tuck procedures to deal with stretch marks completely.

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