Trying to heal and fade stretch marks should not come with a hefty price. It also means that the remedies used should not be filled with unpronounceable ingredients that can make your skin more irritated than it already is. If you want to find natural treatments and remedies for your stretch marks, you should look no further than your own kitchen and home. Remember that each remedy or treatment may not work for each individual. If you have sensitive skin, you should also take that into consideration before trying a treatment, natural or not. Speak to your physician if you have any questions or concerns about any of these remedies.

  • Natural Remedies for Those Unwanted Stretch MarksMake a scrub with honey, salt, and glycerin. This scrub is helpful to remove dead skin cells to help reveal and promote new skin growth. All you will need to do is combine and mix together half a teaspoon of salt (sea salt or a coarse salt is preferred), a teaspoon of honey, and lastly a teaspoon of liquid glycerin.

Massage the scrub onto the targeted areas and leave it on for about five minutes before you rinse it off with lukewarm to warm water. If it still feels slick after rinsing with the water, use a gentle soap to remove any excess. Pat dry and then apply your favorite moisturizer. When making the mixture, it is best to use it immediately. If you decide to store any of it, make sure to use it within 48 hours.

  • Mix and make your own vitamin topical treatment. If applied regularly, both vitamin E and A are known to aid in diminishing and fading the scars from stretch marks. To make your own mixture of these two healing vitamins, you will need to have vitamin A ointment and also vitamin E oil. Combine one teaspoon of the ointment and a tablespoon of the oil. Mix together and apply to your stretch marks and let the mixture get absorbed for at least a half hour. Rinse off with a mild cleanser and water. Pat the area dry and make sure to moisturize. Do this twice a day. Any mixture you have should not be kept for more than a week.
  • Natural Remedies for Those Unwanted Stretch MarksCreate a nutrient dense scrub out of three ingredients. This scrub, made out of three kitchen ingredients: tangerine peel, carrots, and olive oil will be sure to help your skin look and feel rejuvenated.

The scrub is relatively easy to make. Place about half of a carrot, an entire tangerine peel, and also about four tablespoons of olive oil. Pulse and puree the mixture for about 20 seconds or until it’s easy to be spread onto the skin.

Wet the area of the (it may be best to do this in the shower or tub to avoid messes) and then apply the scrub onto the body, focusing on the areas with the stretch marks. Rinse away the mixture with lukewarm to warm water and gently pat the body dry. Follow with your favorite moisturizer. You can do this daily.

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