What differentiates stretch marks from other conditions is that stretch marks appear without any warning signs and it is difficult to find oneself in the list of the possible causes. Once stretch marks appear, they are not planning to leave, but to settle permanently. However, nobody wants stretch marks to stay. All you want is a smooth skin without any defects. However, for most people, having the smooth skin back is a major problem because of the usually prolonged waiting period. In order to heal the stretches that appear on the skin, your skin must produce more collagen. The role of collagen is to heal your stretches and replace the unpleasant stretch marks with new cells. Applying oils on your skin is a decent way of supplying the skin with important nutrients that speed up the healing process. Another method known as derma rolling or micro needling has been discovered.

How Micro Needling Works

How Safe is Micro Needling when Done on Stretch Marks?Micro needling involves rolling a circular roller over the stretched area of the skin. The roller consists of small needs. During the rolling process, the small needles on the roller pierce the first and second layers of the skin leaving microscopic damages. The body responds by secreting large amounts of collagen around the area where micro needling has been done. Collagen speeds up the healing time. This process resembles the response of muscles under pressure. Pressurized muscles get microscopic damages, which trigger the growth of stronger muscles around the damaged areas. The same concept applies when micro needling is done on the skin. The skin starts to repair the damaged tissue with new cells that are better than the old ones.

Is Derma Rolling Reserved for Medical Practitioners?

Needling requires some knowledge about the procedure unlike if you chose another treatment method for stretch marks. For instance, if you decide to use a cream, the only job is to apply it on the stretched part of your skin by using your fingers. This method is fast, simple, and straightforward. In contrast, micro needling should be done with utmost care because piercing can cause an infection. In this case, disinfecting the derma roller is imperative. Moreover, the roller should not be used on sensitive parts such as the face and armpits. In addition, avoid using the roller on eyes, nipples, and other non-skin parts of your body. Always remember that needling only stimulates your skin. It does not moisturize or add nutrients. Therefore, it is important to apply creams and moisturizers after needling to improve the results.

How Safe is Derma Rolling?

How Safe is Micro Needling when Done on Stretch Marks?You can search online for guidelines on how the procedure is done. If you follow the appropriate guidelines and perform the procedure correctly, especially by disinfecting the roller and using it correctly, then you are sure of safety. The procedure can lessen striae, but it does not remove all stretch marks. Only the skin can remove all stretch marks no matter what procedure is used to stimulate the skin. It is important to contact a dermatologist or a doctor before needling because you might be suffering from other skin diseases. These skin diseases can worsen after needling.

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