Tanning is one of the controversial methods of treating stretch marks. The emerging debate revolves around the possible pros and cons of this method. In spite of this controversy, it is clear that tanning causes the color of your skin to darken, especially if you are light-skinned. When this change takes place, the color of the tanned area of the skin is darker than the original color. However, this does not happen to your striae because stretch marks are not working normally. In case of excessive turning of the skin, the scars become more visible because they have the same tint they had before tanning and because they do not change as the skin changes. The result is a tiger-like look with white or red stripes.

Factors that Determine Whether Tanning Helps

How Does Tanning Affect Stretch Marks?The major factors that determine whether tanning can eliminate stretch marks include the color of your skin and the age of your striae. Young striae are usually red in color, which makes them naturally visible and more visible after tanning. Scars that have been on the skin for a long duration usually change their color to white and are always visible because of their white color. These scars will remain white as the skin darkens. The result is a darkened skin that has white striae. This is definitely not good if your aim is to hide scars. However, remember that this procedure does not affect the color of dark skin. Dark skin can hide skin impurities because of the color. For instance, if the striae are dark in color, and the color of your skin is pale, tanning can make your skin dark. As a result, you will experience significant improvements on the appearance of your skin.

It is not advisable to tan your skin to remove stretch marks because most people (over 90 percent) who have used this method have reported undesired results.

Moreover, people with dark skin rarely report any improvements after tanning their skin. However, you can use some concealer for the stretch marks to resemble the tanning color.


How Does Tanning Affect Stretch Marks?From a medical perspective, moderate tanning of your skin is the recommended strategy for removing scars and other skin conditions. If you decide to use this method, always use sunscreen containing adequate sun protection factor because too much exposure to the sun may put the collagen produced by your skin to an end and hinder your progress. Therefore, people who use stretch mark creams should not tan. Carelessness can cause the tanning to interfere with the progress made by your skin.

People with other skin problems such as rashes and acne should consult a doctor for assistance to avoid making the condition worse.

An Important Note

Tanning salons have been mentioned in some places. Before going to such places, remember that tanning might damage your health according to several studies. Basking in the sun when the sun is not extremely hot can help your skin to develop a pleasant tint without causing damage. In this case, possible stretch marks may also fade.

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