Tattoos have existed in society since time immemorial. Even the oldest tribes used tattoos to symbolize status and honor. However, modern societies use tattoos for different reasons, especially for visual reasons. Tattoos done by skilled tattooists can be quite attractive. Tattoos may look shiny and great depending on the tattooist. However, some little maintenance may be required for tattoos to remain attractive. Some time back, it was discovered that tattoos could cover impurities and dark colors beneath the skin. Since then, tattoos have been used to cover stretch marks on the skin.

How Tattooing Causes Stretch Marks to Disappear

Using Vitamin C to Minimize Stretch MarksThe process of eliminating stretch marks through tattoos begins with an application for a normal tattooing on your skin. However, tattooing is done on the areas of the skin with stretch marks. Although this seems to be a risk-free process, some complications might occur. For example, people with young stretches (below 2 years) are likely to experience extreme pain because the skin is easily agitated. The ink may also distort due to the healing scars.

Moreover, the tattooist may find it difficult to draw a perfect tattoo if you have wide and deep stretch marks. The ink may also bubble up or bleed if you have severe scars. Also, there are chances of developing new stretch marks, which implies that the tattoo may have an undesired appearance. Additionally, the time taken to make the tattoo is longer than the usual time.

Despite the possibility of developing these complications, tattooing is still a good strategy for eliminating stretch marks on the skin. However, consult different tattooists for help in making the right decision. Consult someone with a history of tattooing people with stretch marks. You can then decide whether to have a tattoo in the stretched areas of your skin. Do not settle for one convincing opinion.

What if you have Tattoos with Chances of getting Stretch Marks?

Given that the stretch marks have not appeared on a tattooed skin, you can utilize different prevention methods. For instance, you can apply creams, which are very effective. It is important to use this method before the stretch marks appear because it is useless after the striae appear. Eat healthy foods, engage in physical activity, and drink adequate amounts of water. Although the skin has its healing system, the lack of minerals, vitamins, and physical exercise make the body stagnant. The lack of water makes the skin inelastic. One of the tests used to check for dehydration involves pulling and releasing the skin. A hydrated skin normally jumps back immediately after it is released. On the contrary, a dehydrated skin takes about one or two seconds to jump back to its normal position. This test demonstrates the role played by water in enhancing skin elasticity.

Applying Prevention Creams and Raw Ingredients

Covering Stretch Marks with TattoosStretch marks can be prevented by applying tested prevention creams on the affected parts of the skin. It is also possible to prevent stretch marks by using raw ingredients. These prevention methods provide the skin with the necessary micro-nutrients. They also boost collagen production and skin elasticity. The skin will not rip off when stretched. Start using creams and ingredients the soonest possible because it is better to act before stretch marks appear.

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