Akin to an elastic band, the skin on your body was created and meant to give and stretch. However, when it stretches beyond its limit, it breaks or tears instead of going back to its original form. The results to what is known to most people as stretch marks. The scar tissue forms and looks like unsightly right or white uneven stripes. Sometimes the stretch marks may differ in color depending on your skin type. Most of the time these scars are results of pregnancy, weight gain, or even a growth spurt. Normally, people do not notice when stretch marks develop; however, there are times where your stretch marks may itch or even be painful if the skin is pulled too taut.

Why do they hurt?

Can Stretch Marks Hurt?Despite how your stretch marks came to be, the pain is caused by the skin being pulled too tight. Remember, like an elastic band, your skin when pulled too tight can break. Sometimes it can feel as if someone is giving you a pinch, which can lead to sharp and noticeable pain. Other people can notice pain after the stretch mark has been forming because of the scar tissue. It’s raised and tends to have a different texture compared to your normal skin. The tissue itself is sensitive and when it is rubbed against clothing material, you can experience discomfort or pain.

The itchiness you may be experiencing can also be due to the skin stretching or because the skin is trying to repair itself. Think of any time you’ve had a cut heal and how badly it itched during the healing process. That is the same thing that is occurring with your stretch marks.

How do you prevent stretch marks?

Can Stretch Marks Hurt?There is no absolute way for you to avoid stretch marks. Sometimes regardless of what you do, you may be susceptible to stretch marks because of genetics.

If you notice many or most of family members have stretch marks, you are likely to get them as well. That being said, you can help reduce your chances of getting stretch marks by doing things like maintaining your weight, eating a well-balanced diet, and also keeping your skin in its best shape.

Keeping it moisturized with lotions or oils is a great way to keep your skin soft and supple and minimize some of the pain you are experiencing with your stretch marks.

How to treat your stretch marks and the pain?

Sometimes these scars can cause constriction of the skin, which can reduce the circulation of blood to the area. This is another probably reason you are dealing with pain. Get the blood flow back by massaging the area with a softening cream or lotion. You should also avoid scratching the area if it itches since that can aggravate the skin even further. Sometimes a cool compress or cooling gel with healing properties is another way to soothe the itchiness and pain. This can eliminate some of the redness or inflammation. Continue to follow these treatments and you will find the pain fading away.

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