What is Pureen Stretch Mark Lotion?

Pureen Stretch Mark Lotion with a triple action formula is among the many lotions on the market that promise to help you prevent stretch marks during and after pregnancy. It boasts of possessing potent and natural ingredients that help you prevent and reduce the appearance of stretch marks. The lotion also alleges that it can moisturize skin and relieve itchiness that is caused by dryness. Other allegations that the product makes include the ability to offer antioxidant protection due to its Vitamin E contents and to also fortify the skin while making it more elastic. The aim of this review is to give you a microscopic eye with which to scrutinize all these claims before you commit your money to buy it.


The manufacturer uses a few ingredients to formulate this lotion even though it does not contain Parabens. The list below furnishes us with the components of the cream:


The manufacturer recommends that customers use the product in the following manner: gently massage the lotion in a circular motion on all the sections of your skin that are vulnerable to stretch marks such as the abdomen, upper thighs, and waist. This should be done two times a day, morning and evening. The manufacturer also advise that you start using the product from the first month of your pregnancy before stretch marks appear, and you continue with it until the third month after delivery. Using the lotion in the above manner will give you optimal results.


We did not come across the pricing of this product on the manufacturer’s website.

Possible Side Effects

During our search, we did not find any adverse side effects of this lotion. However, it is important that you exercise good judgment when you use this product.  You need to use it within the confines of the manufacturer’s guidelines and instructions to avoid any possible injury to your skin.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

Our search of the manufacturer’s site did not lead us to any money-back guarantee. This lack of a refund policy leaves the buyer vulnerable if the product does not work as promised and expected. Additionally, we failed to get any verified user reviews that can give a potential consumer a clue of the lotion’s efficacy.

The Bottom Line

Pureen Stretch Mark Lotion seems to be a good lotion that is formulated with excellent natural ingredients. Additionally, it has easy-to-use instructions. However, it has a few serious missing links that can make a user want to search for competitor substitutes. First, the product does not come with a manufacturer money-back guarantee that can cushion a buyer if the cream fails to work. Second, it lacks essential certifications that guarantee the safety and quality of the lotion such as a Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP).

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