Basic Information:  What Is 180 Cosmetics Stretch Mark Solution

This review for 180 Cosmetics Stretch Mark Solution will help inform the consumer about whether or not to purchase this product.  This stretch mark cream claims to help women prevent stretch marks before and after pregnancy.  It is also marketed to people who are dieting.  While it is available on their official website, it is unclear whether or not this product is available in stores.


After researching the website, information could not be found regarding ingredients in this product.  However, a list of what it is formulated without was available.  That list is as follows:

  • Formalin
  • Formaldehyde
  • Parabens
  • Phthalates
  • Petro-chemicals
  • GMO
  • Triclosan
  • Colors or dyes


Directions on how to use the skin cream are simple and are easy to follow.  Apply a thin layer to the areas of concern.  Massage the cream into the skin using firm, circular motions.  Continue rubbing the cream in until it is fully absorbed.  The directions say to use this product once or twice a day.  The website does not specify how long this product should be used for or when to expect to start seeing results.


180 Cosmetics Stretch Mark Solution comes in a 5.1 ounce tube and sells for $34.49.  No information could be found on whether or not multiple order discounts are available.  The customer is also responsible for shipping and handling charges.

What To Expect

I have been using this product for about a month and a half.  After using this cream twice a day for the whole time, I have seen minimal results.  While there is slight fading to some of the stretch marks, they are still a lot more visible than I had hoped.  I could not find information about how long it should take to see results, as the website did not provide a lot to go on.  I will continue using this product for another month to see if results improve.

Keep An Eye Out

While this product is a Clinically Approved Formula made in part with natural extracts, information was lacking on the website as to side effects or when to consult a physician if having problems using the cream.  Further research online did not provide any additional information about  possible side effects.  Their website simply does not provide a lot of technical information regarding this product.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

The 180 Cosmetics website does not have any information that I could find about return policies or money back guarantees.  It is not known how their policies work regarding whether or not product can be return if opened as well.  This is a point of concern, because the lack of information could lead to customer trust issues with the manufacturer.  For instance, if there are no guarantees, what does that say about the manufacturer’s faith in their products.  There are many positive reviews for this product claiming great results.  There were also reviews that claimed the product didn’t do anything at all.  The reviews were pretty close comparing good to bad.

The Bottom Line

180 Cosmetics Stretch Mark Solution seems to be fairly popular among consumers.  There were a lot of positive reviews for this cream.  The directions for use are very simple and the price is reasonable comparatively speaking.  A major downside to this product is the complete lack of information on the website regarding discounts, ingredients, side effects,  guarantees, and return policies.  While some customers saw good results, the lack of product information could be enough to lead consumers in other directions.

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